Breakthrough software provides the missing link between Instagram and eCommerce
Finally, You Can Properly Monetize
Any Instagram Account In Just 3 Simple Steps

Video Reveals How To Pull Profits From Instagram, Without A Single Paid Ad!
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3 Simple Steps To Building  
Real Income From Instagram
Log into the cloud
based app and connect your Instagram account
Turn your posts into
fully shoppable ones within
your new engage shop
Engage with your followers
to drive traffic to your shop, bringing you profits
Is The Fastest Growing AND Most Engaging
Social Network On The Planet
Facebook and Twitter have long been the kings when it comes to Social Media online, however in 2017 Instagram blew past Twitter to become the best candidate to join the “Billion Users Club” with an estimated 800 Million monthly active users (November 2017) which makes Instagram second only to Facebook.

However the real story emerges when it comes to ENGAGEMENT.
Are 10x More Likely To Interact With A Brand Or Company Than Those On Facebook
Stay On Links Clicked For 45% Longer Than Those Referred From Facebook
Are 120x More Likely To Engage With A Brand
Over A Twitter User
Are 75% More Likely To Take Action By Visiting A Link Or Buying A Product
If You Aren’t A Major Brand Or Celebrity
How Can YOU Profit From The Engagement Of Instagram?
You have been told how great Instagram is, you may have already built up a following, created content and engaged with your audience.

But what’s next?

If you want to monetize your content on Instagram. The best you can hope for is to put website links in your description that CANNOT be clicked, meaning the user has to manually open their browser and type it in…

…or tell them to “check link in bio” which you would have to change product to product, post to post meaning more work for you and making any old posts irrelevant.

One big problem is with all this traffic and engagement, it has been difficult to profit directly from Instagram no matter your following.
That’s Where Engage Shops Can Help You Cash In On Instagram Today
Engage Shops is a brand new software that makes it easy to directly monetize your Instagram feed.

It does this by taking every post in your
feed and turning it into a shoppable
post within an “Engage Shop”.
You can overlay your posts with buy buttons to products either within you own Shopify store, or to affiliate products on Amazon.

Replace your website bio with the link to your “Engage Shop” on Instagram and your followers can then shop their way through your feed.

No more swapping bio links, no more posting un-clickable links in posts, you can monetize everything on your feed without sending your followers down a path miles away from where they started.
Engage Shops
The Missing Link Between Instagram and Profits
After Seeing
Facebook become almost useless for marketers
and seeing people struggle to translate the engagement of Instagram into profits
We set out to create
the best Instagram profit 
tool on the web.
We needed a tool that would enable anyone from big business to individual to be able to profit from Instagram directly… without the need for ads, a verified account or needing to jump through other loopholes to begin monetizing your content their way.
To Ensure You Can Get Profiting Today, 
The Software Needed To Be Able To
Let Any Instagram User Set Up
And Monetize Their Feed
In A Few Clicks
Allow Users To Sell Anything Featured In Their Posts In The Most Simple Way Possible 
Have Traffic Access
Products They Can Buy
Through One Simple Link
​​​​With Engage Shops, Profiting From
Your Instagram Feed Has Become Easy
Visitors Shop Their Way
Through Your Posts From One Central Link
Place Amazon Affiliate Links, Or Your Own Shopify Products Over Any Product In Your Feed
Let Traffic Shop
and Buy From You All Without Paying For A Single Ad!
See How Engage Shops Can Have You Profiting 
From Instagram In This Quick Demo
If you are currently advertising on other social networks, chasing the same billions of people as major corporations with multi million dollar ad budgets, quite frankly you don’t have a chance.

It’s YOUR time to capture YOUR fair share using a social network that works for YOU.
How Do You Fit Into All Of This?
The stats don’t lie!
Why not join the majority of the worlds brands to take advantage of what Instagram has to offer.

In a world where Facebook
is only showing content from people who “Pay to Play”, your posts are 30% more likely to be seen by
your audience on Instagram…
…meaning you can sit your posts, your products and engage alongside the worlds top brands without having to pay a single dime for Ads.

Try achieving that on Facebook.
This means you can benefit from the same engagement top companies are counting on, to get people to spend their money with you.

The Worlds First Software To Directly Provide 
A Link Between Instagram And Profits Using eCommerce
Turn Your Instagram Feed Into
A Shoppable Store In Just A Few Clicks
It’s Shopping On Instagram Made Dead Simple
54% of Millennials Bought Products after Seeing Them On Instagram -
Import Selected Photos From Your Feed Or Import Them All
Overlay Items In Your Images With Buy Links For Products
Let Followers Shop And Buy From One Simple Link
Build Your Own High Quality Buyers List Right Within Your Store
Bring Your Loyal Buyers Back Over and
Over Again With Email Marketing
Capture Your Buyers As Leads 
That You Can Bring Back At Will
Ongoing email marketing to existing buyers results in an average of an extra 7 orders from each customer – 
Capture leads right within your Engage Shop for continued marketing and sales.
Bring customers back to fresh content and offers over and over again. 
Increase the value of each customer with repeat business and repeating profits.
Gather Feedback, Test and Modify Offers Then Plan Bigger 
And Better Campaigns With Our Tracking And Analytics Tool 
Ensure Your Offers Are Performing At
Their Best With In-Depth Analytics
Knowledge Is Power, Power That Can Bring You More Income
Understanding customer metrics and behaviour is your gateway to higher profits using eCommerce -
Find and understand key customer metrics with EngageShops analytics
Customize your content and offers based on the traffic hitting your store
Improve your stores performance day to day for even more sales and income
Create And Build A Comprehensive Instagram Account 
With Sam’s Own “Guide To Instagram”
Your Own Source Of Instagram Knowledge And Wisdom You Can Apply TODAY!
Build Your Own Targeted Following 
On The Best Social Marketing Platform
brands that excel in mastering social commerce trends like this know something that brands who flop don’t -
Create a comprehensive
and complete Instagram account faster.
Give yourself the
best possible platform
to sell from.
Everything you need
to know in one
simple to follow guide
Build And Connect With Your Audience Beyond 
Instagram In Just A Single Click
With EngageShops Social Syndication – Share Instantly Over Facebook
Increase The Number Of Clicks And Visitors By Tapping Into Your Existing Communities Of Followers
Syndication grows audiences, increases reach and drives engagement like nothing else –
Tap Into Your Existing
Facebook Following
On Autopilot.
Increase your reach by marketing over
multiple platforms.
Bring in more visitors and engage with larger audiences with no extra effort.
Get Instant Access To These
Early Bird Bonus #1
White Label Rights - Video Sales Blueprint
Repackage and Sell For 100% Of The Profit! The All-In-One Guide About Creating 6-Figure Videos PLUS A Massive Resources Pack Including The Following Plus Heaps More!
  • Easy to follow video sales blueprint

  • 200 high quality generic people and nature images

  • Over 50 moving video backgrounds
  • 800 individually created graphics and cartoons

  • Special typography and green screen training

  • 24/7 support
Early Bird Bonus #2
White Label Rights - ClickPop Engage
Engage Using Video, Utilize The Ability To Lean On Viral News And WebsitesTo Engage Traffic With Opt-Ins, Images And Call To Actions To Build Your List And Drive Sales Sharing Power Of Social Media 
  • Easy to use WordPress Plug-In 
  • Use video to capture the attention of your visitors, leading them to opt-in or buy!
  • Fully customizable pop builder to give you the freedom to create your own custom engagement machine, for any visitor, in any niche!
  • Put your pop over the top of any website you choose allowing you to lean on authority sites and articles.
  • Harness the power of social media from your control panel by sharing your pop at the click of a button, reaching more targeted people than ever before.
  • Monetize any website of your choosing, generate leads and happy customers easily and effectively
  • One of the most in-depth list building and sales making tools you will EVER find as a WP Plug-In!
Early Bird Bonus #3
TurboZon Builder Software
Instantly Display Amazon Products in Your Pages In Just A Few Clicks!

TurboZon Builder is the best, fastest and easiest way to display Amazon Books on any page online - it's a software your customers will love!
Early Bird Bonus #4
Backlinks Analyzer Software
Backlinks Analyzer is a PC application that will ensure that your backlinks are active, stay active, and that backlink companies deliver on their promises.

Just because buying backlinks doesn't break the bank it doesn't mean you should be ripped off by paying good money for links that only remain active for a matter of days.
Early Bird Bonus #5
Content Valet Plugin 
Content Valet is a smart piece of technology that connects the PLR content archive to your blog and allows you to quickly import the articles you choose for your blog. Think of it as a PLR Easy Button.

This powerful plugin features ...
  • Full integration with WordPress to allow you to pull content into new posts, pages, or other public post types.
  • A simple interface to browse and preview the content before you ever pull it into your own site.
  • A smart search function that allows you to find content on specific topics quickly - no matter how large your content library is.
  • Full integration with your content membership. You have access to every piece of content you've bought from us in your library.
  • Simple installation--no need for FTP or database configuration, just upload it right through your WordPress dashboard.
  • Unlimited access to the content. Reuse it, re purpose it, rewrite it.
Early Bird Bonus #6
OptiRoi Software 
This Software Can Help You To Get The Fastest And easiest Way To 10x The Sales, Profits And Cash Flow Of Your Internet Business! 
Early Bird Bonus #7
Lead Book WordPress Plugin
Now you can take advantage of Facebook's powerful Lead Ads platform while seamlessly, adding your new leads    to your mailing list, thanks to this easy-to-use WordPress plugin featuring...
  • One-click install right from your WordPress dashboard--no FTP to fuss with or databases to create.

  • Simple to follow instructions for creating your Facebook app ID and connection--our illustrated user guide makes it easy.

  • Integrations with today's most popular email marketing services, MailChimp and AWeber--no need to learn (and pay for) new services.

  • Connection to unlimited lists--perfect for offering multiple opt-in incentives from your Facebook page.
  • Integration with endless forms and form fields--as long as the information can be added to your mailing list, LeadBook can send it.

  • Total control over the frequency of imports - chose hourly, daily, or twice daily depending on how often you generate leads.

  • Simple set up right through the familiar WordPress dashboard so there's no additional software to navigate.

  • No costly month-to-month charges, so you can run all the ads you like without incurring addition fees.
Early Bird Bonus #8
Survey Logic Plugin
This brand new plugin takes the best of what those "big boys" offer with their high-priced solutions, and combines it with the software you already know how to use for a fully customized experience
Early Bird Bonus #9
Turbo Tube Engage Pro Software
You can subscribe your viewers very effortlessly with your AWEBER account – allowing you to grab and hold their attention longer. Your subscribers are added to Aweber automatically. You can select from the TEN (10) GORGEOUS TEMPLATES offered for your signup from within the software. And again: Your viewers will need to signup with your Aweber list in order to RESUME the video!
Increase your sales by adding JVZoo and/or ClickBank order links and buttons into your videos. You can easily add JVZoo buttons or Clickbank order links right into your content. When you do, Turbo Tube Engage will pause the video on a specific second of your hoosing. Then, it will prompt the viewer to pay through JVzoo or Clickbank within the order before they can continue to video the view. Imagine teasing them with fantastic content they can then get after they pay you!
Even better, you can use Turbo Tube Engage to generate buzz that your business needs. You can EMBED a viral video IN your main video, even special effects that makes it unique and interesting, including things like selling video ad space.
Early Bird Bonus #10
Backlinks Warrior Software
Discover An Easy To Use Software Tool That Finds UNLIMITED Relevant Backlinks With A Few Clicks Of Your Mouse!
Early Bird Bonus #11
Easy SEO Ninja Software
Discover A Brand New Ninja Software That Finds The Best Keywords, So You Rank On The First Page Of Google Every Single Time!
  • Keyword research is simple with this newbie friendly system!

  • You'll instantly discover whether a keyword will be successful or not!

  • Know which keywords will rank at the top of Google and which ones will tank!

  • Find domain name ideas that will get you first page rankings with no backlinks!
  • Instantly analyze keywords along with the number of backlinks for top 10 websites!

  • Green, yellow, and red indicators make using this ninja software a breeze!

  • This software will save you massive amounts of time and money!
Early Bird Bonus #12
WP Amcom Pro Software
An Easy Way To Make More Money From Your WordPress Blogs, By Adding Self-Updating Amazon Bestseller Ads To Your Blog Posts!

The software uses the Amazon bestseller "RSS feeds" to get the latest ads. These provide a self-updating selection of the bestsellers in any Amazon category.

The RSS feed provides text describing each item and photos of the items, along with links to the product pages.
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