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Stop guessing and start seeing why your visitor don’t convert…

SpyStream 2.0 is an advanced application that reveals the hidden reasons your visitors aren’t taking action, so you can quickly turn your website into a list building, money-making machine.

Anonymously track your visitor’s mouse movements and scrolling patterns in real time, to see what their eyes, fingers and cursors are drawn to (and what they’re ignoring.)

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Triple ROI Using Spy Stream 2.0 on Any Page you Own:

Make smart, profitable changes with SpyStream 2.0

Record Video Sessions Of Every Visitors

Watch real, recorded video sessions of users interacting with your site/Landing Pages to move important content, forms, links and buttons into your site’s hidden hot spots...and enjoy more optins and sales.

Optimize Heatclick Technology

Use heatclick technology to replace buttons, images, links and forms that aren’t getting clicked, and watch your CTR skyrocket... no more random split testing.

Advance Video Session Analytics

View video sessions and track analytics anytime, across any page to see what’s distracting your visitors from taking action.

Pain Point Tracker

Watch in real time to pinpoint the exact place where people stop scrolling, and stop reading. Replace or remove these sales-killing bottlenecks in seconds.

Find What Visitors Are Looking For

See what information your visitors are searching for (but aren’t getting) on your landing pages. Move that content to your landing pages and keep people focused on your message.

Trending Keyword Finders

Know what content to create or optimize by seeing top search phrases & traffic from all major search engines.

Detailed Visitors Analytics

Know exactly WHO your visitors are by seeing GeoIP addresses, their country, operating system, & even visits per day

Know Where Your Traffic Is Coming From

Know why specifically visitors even come to your site and what keywords & domains are referring them?

Bird Eye View Of Your Funnel

Add Unlimited Sales Funnels in SpyStream 2.0 and Get a Bird Eye View of Stats of Entire Funnel and How Visitors are moving from start to last.

Advanced Heatmap & Funnel Visualization Technology

Plus Get access to easy to use tools in Funnel view such as Heatmap, Video Sessions to see what’s causing issues in funnel conversions and improve conversions.

and FAR MORE..

Use SpyStream 2.0 to Increase your ROI within 30 days
or less with NO restrictions or monthly charges
(or your money back!)

Get Instant Access and Resellers License
to SpyStream 2.0 WEB Version Right Now!

Stop wasting money on traffic that doesn’t convert, and quickly boost your conversion rate in just
3 simple steps..

Install the SpyStream 2.0 Tracking Pixel on Your Site/Landing Page

Watch the real time video recordings of your visitors, heatmap of clicks, and how they interact with your website. Also visitors country, device, operating system

Instantly see what you need to optimize, remove or simply switch around on your websites to get visitors to take action

Plus, SpyStream 2.0 works with

All Leading Page Builders.. So doesn’t matter where your Site/Landing Page are built, SpyStream 2.0 Tracking code will record each and every step your Visitors makes.

And Even Web Apps.. Own Web apps? SpyStream 2.0 new version makes it easy to track behaviour of your web app customers to find out leaks in the app.. Pinpoint each flaw with Video Recordings and improve overall experience of the app and not only Retain them but also Make them Loyal.

Start using SpyStream 2.0 today, risk free!

Runs on Any Site/ landing Page builder/ CMS/ Ecommerce Site/Any Webapp you own

Push-button install on any Site you own. Doesn’t matter where and How the Site Created in. Be it a any Website Builder, CMS, Any Page Builder or Ecom Site. You can also install SpyStream on your Web app(Product) So you get to see how users are reacting on your app. SpyStream 2.0 Captures Entir Visitors Sessions everywhere.

Real time

see exactly how your visitors interact with your website in real time

Beyond Analytics

Google Analytics shows how people found your website, SpyStream 2.0 shows what they’re looking for when they arrive

Pro Technology

The same heat map technology used by enterprise companies to track visitor behavior, but at a fraction of the price (one-time)

Beyond heat maps

Analyze your top pages, feeds, entry pages and exit pages to uncover the content your visitors are looking for, how they navigate your site, and the bottlenecks that are making them leave.

Schedule your sessions

Schedule where and when to run SpyStream

No monthly costs or contracts

Pay once, profit for life.

No bandwidth restrictions

Run as many experiments as you need, whenever you want

Get Instant Access and Resellers License to
SpyStream 2.0 WEB Version Right Now!

Look, this isn't another "loophole" pushbutton traffic or conversion 'hack' software that only works in theory!

SpyStream is based on proven technology that's influenced millions of dollars for some of the biggest sites in the world including drastically improving our OWN campaigns fast.

And with this new Update 2.0 SpyStream is able to track any website on the web.


Here's just two out of MANY examples of how we used SpyStream to turn 2 dead campaigns into money making machines


Our Recent Use of SpyStream 2.0 on one of our Product sales pages - Mouse Tracking video showed visitors came to the page, scrolled down to get to the buy button and then left.

Finally, we could see the problem. People were interested in what we were offering (since they scrolled past the headline, saw the videos and moved till the pricing section) but the price was tripping them up.

After looking at the SpyStream Video Session, We changed the pricing options, and then left the office for the weekend. When we came back on Monday morning, we couldn’t believe it.

We’d made $2669.00 in sales just over the weekend. All from just a simple but Effective Tweak we made to the Sales Page, which was uncovered by SpyStream 2.0.

CASE STUDY #2 – 234% SUBSCRIBER BOOST IN 3 DAYS for our Beta Tester

To make our products more effective we give out Beta copies. One of the Best tester decided to give a serious try to SpyStream 2.0 for his Blog instead of just saying yes.

He had hundreds & hundreds of daily visitors (mainly cuz of great content he provides and fb ads) but he was getting about 10-15 optins per day on average.

After running SpyStream 2.0 for a few hours, the mouse tracking videos and heat click maps showed users getting distracted by the sidebar and clicking social links/content links instead of Optin Buttons..

(Here you can see in one of the SpyStream 2.0 videos users clicking the social & content links in the sidebar)

So, He put the optin form in the content part of the blog and moved social links to a page after they subscribed.

3 days later, his optins blew up 234%

And that’s just after a few days! Imagine the kind of opt-ins, affiliate income and sales boost you could be enjoying when you’re running SpyStream 2.0 all month?!

Plus, SpyStream 2.0 is a KEY part of our daily marketing and affiliate promotions. Just check out this snapshot from one of our affiliate accounts:

And that happens on a regular basis in just that account! You can't get that kind of passive online income each day with average 'me too' conversion tools you're probably already using.

You can't get that kind of passive online income each day with average 'me too' conversion tools you're probably already using.And I'm not the only one.

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Bonus #1


You can't get that kind of passive online income each day with average 'me too' conversion tools you're probably already using.And I'm not the only one.

As mobile traffic is increasing day by day its imperative to focus on mobile and this tool makes it very easy to go viral on mobiles using the latest technology. Any website can be easily enabled to share links on any of the popular mobile messengers. Mobile messengers enable the message to spread faster and its handy for the users.

Run sleek contest along with going viral and collect leads in the whole process just through the power of mobile. Sleek analytics lets you know the insights of your campaigns and how much it is getting shared on the different platforms.

Easily go viral on mobile using famous messengers such as Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, Viber, Line etc.

Bonus #2

Spy Social

Spy Social displays in one place all metrics and statistics of your WordPress website, Twitter Profile and Facebook Fan Page. It allows you to monitor posts & comments statistics.The plugin sends also email weekly report with basic metrics for your website

Bonus #3

Spy stats

Spy STAT has unique features for statistics, analytics, SEO optimization and that is why anyone who has their own website should have it. In fact, Spy STAT is a comprehensive set of tools necessary for collecting and classifying data from all areas

Bonus #4

Social Stream

Social Stream plugin allows you to track how many times your posts and pages have been shared on social networks. It supports Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Google+

Bonus #5

Lead Magnet Authority Builder

If you’re wanting to build a list and profit from it, then this video lesson is ideal for you. Building a list is one thing, but profiting from it is another thing altogether. Once you have and know how to build a list, what you’re wanting to do next is to know how to profit from it. Within this video lesson, you’re going to learn how to profit from your mailing list

Bonus #6

Lead Magnet Pro

Most popular lead capturing wordpress plugin that helps to convert your visitors to subscribers, this plugin supports Feedburner, Mailpoet and many other newsletters.

Bonus #7

Wp Builder Pro

WordPress website owners who know the power of engaging your audience, now you can…. Tap Into What Makes Social Media Tick By Creating Engagement. A Powerful And Interactive List Filter With An Easy-To-Use Interface and A Fun, Engaging Visitor Experience.

Bonus #8

Wp Builder Pro

A plugin that automates the SEO work on your WP blog.

Get Instant Access and Resellers License to
SpyStream 2.0 WEB Version Right Now!

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