Take Your Spokesperson & Green Screen
Videos To The Next Level

With the ULTIMATE Video Backdrops bundle

  • Instantly improve your videos with 1 simple tweak.
  • Get 100’s of premium HD backdrops for price of 1.
  • Backdrops for spokesperson videos PLUS all other video types: explainer, VSL, sales video, etc..

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What is Video Backdrops Pro?
It’s the missing piece in Spokesperson & Green Screen videos

Spokesperson videos are a great way to sell your products. People relate to other people, and having an actual person in your videos talking to the viewer, will bring great results.

We've seen a bunch of video apps come out this year that come with ready made spokesperson video commercials for different niches.

The problem with most of these spokesperson apps is that they have a limited library of backgrounds to go behind the spokespersons. Their default backgrounds are usually a plain color or generic "abstract" background.

Video Backdrops Pro solves this problem, and takes spokesperson videos to another level...

One Simple Tweak Takes Your Spokesperson Videos
from Average To Awesome!

Spokesperson Video with Default Background

Spokesperson Video with Video Backdrops Pro

These Photorealistic Backdrops are great,
but they’re not easy to find!

As you can see from the examples above, adding an office background to the spokesperson video makes it look more life-like and professional. But, where do you actually get one of these photorealistic backdrops?

There aren’t many places you can buy video backgrounds specifically for spokesperson videos. The ones that are out there mostly come with nature and outdoor videos. And the ones that give you indoor video backdrops usually have high-tech environments.

With THIS collection you'll get backdrops with real indoor environments like: living room, office, reception desk, etc.. So that you can put yourself, or any other green screen spokesperson, into an environment that your video viewers can relate to.

With Video Backdrops Pro you'll get
100's of Photorealistic Backdrops

This Will Save You a TON of Money!

You can buy some similar video backgounds individually on stock footage sites. But they usually sell for $5 to $20+ per video.

AND the most popular stock footage site gives you a "single use" license to use the video on just 1 project!

With my Video Backdrops Pro bundle you'll get 100's of video backgrounds that you can use on unlimited projects!

And there is more...

100’s MORE Backdrops For All Kinds of Other Video Types…

In case you need more types of backgrounds for your videos, we got you covered! With these bonus backdrops you'll get a HUGE collection of extra backgrounds for pretty much all other video types. This bonus section alone could easily be it's own stand alone product, but you'll get it for free if you pick up Video Backdrops Pro :)

 Bonus Backdrops 1: Animated Virtual Studios

If you want to give your videos that fancy "NEWSROOM" look, you'll get 4 different Virtual Studios with 5 different animations inside the monitors.

 Bonus Backdrops 2: Real Footage Videos

If you prefer real outdoor environments for your spokesperson videos, you'll get 60 HD videos of real outdoor locations and environments like: shopping mall, by the pool, in a park, city street, and more.

 Bonus Backdrops 3: Motion Backgrounds

In case you're creating an Explainer style sales video, these premium quality Motion Backgrounds are for you. These motion backgrounds have slight abstract animations, and are in full HD 1080p.

 Bonus Backdrops 4: Spokesperson Image BGs

In case you can't quite find the right video background you're looking for, you will also get 100+ image backgrounds with real environments like: house, living room, office, gym, street, store, library, and much more.

 Bonus Backdrops 5: VSL Image Backgrounds

This set of backgrounds is perfect for VSLs (video sales letters). They have a paper texture and come in different colors & styles. Just add text and you have a great looking VSL.

Don't Miss Out On The Launch Discount & Special Bonuses

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